About Voice Recovery Care

Who Is Richard?


Richard has helped recover thousands of voices. The voices of singers, actors, comedians, teachers, voice-over actors, public speakers, doctors, lawyers, coaches, moms, and more.

He has restored the ability to communicate their thoughts, their ideas, their passions, and their songs. He helps them to recover, control, and enhance… Their Voice.

Richard Rodriguez

   Professional Voice

    & Speach Therapist

 Healing & Enhancing Speach For 24 Years


Upgrade Your Voice With A

Medically Trained Expert


Richard Rodriguez can & will restore your voice through step-wise, evidence-based care coupled with attentive counseling to quickly make your voice the best it can be!

Richard is a lifetime resident of Los Angeles, and heir to a multigenerational tradition of remarkable creative expertise & talent. The diversified history of his family’s LA heritage includes notably successful broadcasters, journalists & editors, classical music composers & conductors, and professional linguists and translators.

Richard’s personal involvement with music, architecture, and the vibrant mix of cultures in the greater Los Angeles area is reflected in his personal talent, skill, and high level of curiosity & imagination.

His exceptional legacy, combined with the natural compassion & patience required of any professional medical practitioner, has led to the current state of expertise & fulfillment he finds in working with the patients under his care.


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