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Over the course of decades dedicated to caring for & communicating with voice-challenged patients from all walks of life has provided a lot of joy, and certainly, real results.

It would be difficult to recount all of the wonderful comments & kudos we’ve been given, but honestly, after being able to genuinely make a difference they’re just icing on the cake.

We only took the time to gather up this collection of heartfelt quips so as to be able to share them with you here.

Sometimes just knowing that someone else found real benefit from seeking out professional help is enough for others to consider the possibility of actually getting some positive benefit for themselves, and then deciding to take action.

Mary McLellan

Proud Parent



Robert Parker

Professional Singer



Doris Del Rios

Business Seminar Speaker

“My son Jensen had developed some vocal strain, so we were referred to Mr. Rodriguez. Not only did Richard solve my son’s issues, but gave him valuable information on how the voice works in relation to his choral singing – and how to keep it safe in the future.

Jensen is now so much more knowledgeable & confident when he sings, and knows how to control his range in ways he never could before.

We’re huge fans of Mr. Rodriguez and highly recommend him to anyone who is having issues with their vocal cords & care. We both give him a 10 out of 10!”

“As a professional entertainer I rely on my voice to respond with a lot of subtle nuance, and to deliver real feeling and emotion.

My voice is my musical instrument and I need it to be in top shape so I can deliver the delight & enjoyment that both my audiences & my band expect.

It wasn’t until I was performing full-time that I realized the impact and wear on my voice, and the care required to keep it in top shape.

Lucky for me I got connected with Richard, who provided a whole new set of tools to ensure I’d stay in top form, and also maintain the longevity & enjoyment of my performances – the stuff that makes a career & keeps audiences happy.

Working with Mr. Rodriguez was such a plus for me. Sure, I’d recommend him in a heartbeat.”

“Richard really made it feel possible to recover from an unexpected & difficult vocal cord injury. I’m booked for a lot of important speaking events,  so this sudden injury was devastating. I could barely speak when I came in the first time.

It took about six months, but he was there every step of the way, teaching me and supporting me. He has great empathy and understanding. Really just went above and beyond.

I’m already recommended him to my colleagues. And I’m back at my best, and speraking regularly. Many thanks to him!”

Providing Care, Voice Healing, & Vocal Training  For Over Two Decades



“I received excellent care from Richard Rodriguez. He was knowledgeable and more importantly cared about helping me with my situation.

I would refer him to anyone with same or similar problems I was facing.”

“My situation improved with the exercises and the treatment Richard recommended. It was a pleasure to have him guide me through a very difficult time in my life. Thanks for all your help.”


Susan Goldberg



“Yep, Richard Rodriguez is one of the most professional, gifted, and talented voice therapists.

He’s also very knowledgeable about voice treatment and gives me excellent follow up, and home tips to follow between our care visits.

I feel like he’s been very helpful and knowledgeable about giving me the input I need to improve my vocal quality.

Thank you so much Richard for all your hard work and for helping my voice develop.”

Joyce Weston



“It’s been a huge help identifying problems and habits I didn’t know were working against me.

Richard has been instrumental in helping me be able to speak more comfortably, confidently, and distinctly.

He’s given me the resources to improve my speaking voice in every situation. Extremely helpful!

My confidence & productivity are up across my entire network. A clear & measurable life upgrade.”


Elaine Zimmerman

Sales Executive

“I found Richard Rodriguez to be an excellent provider. He was extremely knowledgeable,  organized and  enjoyable to work with. His techniques were easy to understand and, most importantly, super effective.

Within a matter of weeks he’d helped me  improve both my speech and outlook. Even though a lot of of our sessions were via telehealth (at my request), I didn’t feel there was any  loss of quality in my care & treatment. Sure, I’ll highly recommend Richard to anyone in need of a terrific voice therapist. The guy is also just a very cool person.”


Jeff Kennedy

Creative Producer

John Harisson

John Harisson

Professional Singer

“It was an absolutely wonderful experience working with this guy. I commend him for his great program. I’m a singer and Richard deals with the voice problems singers frequently have, and why, so for me it was an ideal match.

Richard Rodriguez was more than helpful, and genuinely qualified. He’d been a musician himself, which made his specialized program even more effective.”

Blake Chapman

Blake Chapman

Public Speaker

“Richard Rodriguez was a huge help in treating my throat/vocal cord issues. He’s genuinely friendly and always made me feel comfortable. With his training/tools I was able to significantly improve both the feeling in my throat and significantly lengthen the amount of time I could speak before feeling any discomfort.”


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