Voice & Vocal Recovery Care


Richard will help you find a base of relaxation for your voice which enables you to sound better, be pain free, and increase your vocal stamina.

Vocal Injuries

Vocal injuries can be nodules, polyps, hemorrhages, or any other injury diagnosed by your ENT or laryngologist. Richard can restore your normal voice through step-wise, evidence-based care coupled with attentive counseling to enable you to fit therapy into your busy life.


Maybe you have found that the effort needed to sing has increased, or your range isn’t the same? Are you working harder than normal to sing, or does your voice not sound right anymore? Richard can restore your voice so it flows like it used to, so your range returns, so you sound like you! He will teach you to identify the feeling of ease so important to having a voice with better stamina, quality, and range. Richard wants to get you right, and get you back to your favorite voice coach so you can continue the work you’re doing with them!


Did you know that excess tension in your voice can negatively affect the perception of the character you are playing? Did you know most stage actors have learned to “project” their voice incorrectly, which can lead to voice problems? Richard can teach you how to establish a base of relaxation with your voice, and to manipulate your voice at will. Richard can show you to how project your voice without straining.


Professors who lecture for three-hour classes, often back-to-back, and teachers who have classes of thirty kids (or more!) can find that their voices do not perform at a level that permits effective instruction. Often professors/teachers can suffer vocal injuries, or find themselves straining to produce an effective voice. Richard will help you establish a free-flowing voice that you can use without limitation, and still have a voice when your day is finished.

Voice-Over Actors

Flexibility of your voice is key! Are you finding limitations in your ability to produce some of your character voices? Do particular voices wear you out more than they used to? Are you avoiding certain voices? Richard will help you find the flexibility that you used to have! With stamina you maybe never had!

Professional Voice Users

If you use your voice to make your living, you are a professional voice user! Coaches, moms, customer service representatives, doctors, lawyers – everyone who uses their voice to do their job. You need your voice to function without pain, without hoarseness, and day after day. Richard will show you simple exercises to find your relaxed and easy voice, a voice that you can use all day without stressing about pain or hoarseness. Richard himself is a professional voice user, and knows how important your voice is to you!